Your dry-cleaner offers a variety of services to help you reduce the amount of everyday housework which can sometimes be unpleasant and annoying.


Malibran dry-cleaning is a high-quality full service that makes customers happy!


Everyday clothes need a regular cleaning to be well maintained. Thanks to our state-of-the-art dry-cleaning equipments, your clean clothes smell nice. Anti-allergic and environmentally-friendly, you will appreciate the quality of our clothes and furnishings fabrics cleaning.


Our laundry service will provide you with far better results than a simple household wash.

– Home textiles: blankets, duvet, quilt, bedspread, mattress cover, sleeping bag, tablecloth,…

– Men and women laundry.

Luxury laundry

Important meal? Special day to remember? A fine meal always starts when you set your table. A well-ironed tablecloth will make the difference. Your table will be beautiful and your guests will appreciate the warm reception. Please note that this meticulous work requires a longer deadline.

Carpet cleaning

Mechanical, silk, hand-knotted, Oriental, etc. We take care of everything!


You are guaranteed to find your carpet as good as new!

Skin cleaning (leather, suede and fur)

Any clothing made from skin must be treated by specialists in order to regain its natural softness and freshness. Thanks to a dry and steaming process, your fur will regain strength without being deteriorated, fading or distorting. A fur which has been cleaned and steamed by an expert will remain soft, shiny and will live longer. Coats, jackets, skirts, etc.

Furnishing cleaning

We offer our services for all kind of furnishings!


Chairs, garden seat cushions, seat cushions, seat cover, baby carriages, curtains, etc.
(Contact us for 24hour deadline)

Sewing : adjustments and repair

We offer most repairs including on clothing made of skin. Done by experienced retoucheurs, we can offer the following repairs: trouser hems, skirt, dress – shrink, enlarge – replace the lining – mending – replace the zipper – lengthen or shorten sleeves – reverse a shirt collar – any other standard repair.
We also offer a mending service for invisible repair.


Several facilities are at your disposal. If you wish to drop in, we have a private parking. No need to waste time looking for a parking spot! Furthermore, we offer a home collection and delivery service. Contact us for more information.

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